About our Founder

Linda Elaine


"We spend so much time trying to conform to society's standard of beauty that we lose our ability to look at ourselves and say, 'You're beautiful' and it's my goal to change that. Makeup shouldn't be about transforming yourself; to me, its about enhancing your beauty from within." -Linda Elaine

Growing up, Linda always loved to draw, so through makeup she found out that it would be another great way to express her artistic nature. Her love of makeup started at the tender age of 3 where she would play with her plastic lipsticks. It wasn't until the age of 17 when she uploaded her very first online makeup tutorial and review on April 7, 2009 that she knew makeup was everything to her. From that moment, she became very eager to explore her mother's makeup bag; trying on different things and learning the benefits and uses of each product. Instantly, she knew lipstick was her favorite makeup choice of all because it was all you needed to add a pop of color to your face. Though she was eager to learn more about makeup she never fathomed that makeup artistry was a hidden talent that she would one day unleash.

Shortly after her freshman year of college, Linda had begun losing excessive amounts of hair. When she finally realized the severity of her hair loss, she sought out for an answer. Still in her teen years, she was diagnosed with alopecia areata. The diagnoses crippled her mentally and physically. She had kept her diagnoses from everyone around her other than her immediate family and long time boyfriend. As time went on she lost her self esteem and confidence and it started to show. It was in that time she had to learn to fall in love with herself again.

Linda began playing in makeup again to keep her mind off of her condition. Her online presence began to grow more and more throughout her college career as she engaged her subscribers in more beauty reviews and tutorials. It was her online growth that kept her focused on perfecting her craft. Anyone that was willing to let Linda do their makeup was the perfect canvas. She had then begun posting pictures of her work on various social media sites and in a few years time, Linda began taking her artistry elsewhere. Linda began working on photoshoots for aspiring models, a short film, as well as booking appointments with her own group of loyal online subscribers. After graduating, Linda knew that she wanted to maintain a part of the beauty world. What she wanted most, was to help everyone feel beautiful and learn to love each of their unique features! Although her diagnoses was a hurtful time in her life, it taught her to fall in love with all of the things she never noticed before. Without her hair, she fell in love with the shape of her eyes, high chubby cheeks, her lips and her big forehead because it made her, her. It wasn't until a close friend had asked why she hadn't started a makeup line yet that she knew it was meant to be. From that point on, the seed was planted and she knew that she wanted to encourage and help people all over the world enchance their natural beauty by accentuating their features.

Thus, Eniale Cosmetics was born!

The line was created in remembrance of her Grandmother Leonie Elaine who she was named after.

"The line is in honor of a beautiful, caring and compassionate woman that I am so happy to be named after."

Today, Linda will passionately continue to give Eniale Cosmetics her all, not only by providing great makeup by continuing to be a trendsetting makeup line but also offering our amazing products with exceptional customer service to shoppers from around the world while being active in the community and speaking on self-esteem and confidence!